Records Retention Schedules

Baltimore County Public Schools - Records Management Program

Records Retention Schedules

 State law mandates that each unit of state government have a program for the continual, economical, and efficient management of records. A records management program must include procedures to ensure the security of records and their prompt and orderly disposal when they are no longer needed. Although BCPS is not a “unit” of state government, the school system has opted to use the state’s procedures to guide and inform its records management program. As a result of this program, the school system maintains Records Retention Schedules.

Baltimore County Public Schools has approved records retention schedules that enable offices to decide when to dispose of their records. These records retention schedules are designed to ensure the school system records are retained for as long as they are needed for administrative, legal, fiscal, or audit purposes, and that they are properly disposed of once their value to the office and the school system has passed. Adherence to the schedule is important for the efficient and proper functioning of BCPS.

Whenever records are destroyed, a Certificate of Records Disposal must be prepared. Click procedures for detailed instructions on how to obtain approval for and to destroy records.

BCPS Records Retention Schedules

  • The records retention schedule for general records held by all offices and schools throughout BCPS is found in All Offices and Schools.
  • The records retention schedules for BCPS offices may be accessed by clicking on the office/division name below:

General Records/All Offices and Schools

Board of Education


Chief of Staff

Community Superintendents

Division of Business Services

Division of Curriculum and Instruction

Division of Human Resources

Division of Organizational Effectiveness

Division of Research, Accountability and Assessment

Division of School Climate and Safety


Complete 2016 Record Retention Schedule

Please contact the Records Officer if you have questions about
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Per the Board's order of January 8, 2019, any and all non-permanent records and non-records maintained in the Board of Education office, the Office of the Superintendent (this includes the Division of Research, Accountability and Assessment, the Division of Organizational Effectiveness, and the Office of Law), the Division of Business Services, the Ethics Review Panel, and the Division of Human Resources are to be maintained indefinitely and cannot be destroyed.