Forms and Instructions

Forms and Instructions

Certificate of Records Destruction (CORD) Form
Note: This form shall be completed by the records liaison to identify each record and non-record transferred to Logistics for destruction. INDIVIDUAL OFFICES AND SCHOOLS MAY NOT DESTROY RECORDS; the Office of Logistics is responsible for the destruction of all records.

Records Transfer Form (Offices Only)
This form shall be completed when transferring records to Logistics for storage.

  •  Note: The fields entitled “schedule number” and “series number” should not be filled in until a revised records retention schedule has been developed and approved by the Maryland State Archives.

 Please contact the Records Officer if you have questions about
Records Management or the Records Management Program
Records Officer Contact:

Per the Board's order of January 8, 2019, any and all non-permanent records and non-records maintained in the Board of Education office, the Office of the Superintendent (this includes the Division of Research, Accountability and Assessment, the Division of Organizational Effectiveness, and the Office of Law), the Division of Business Services, the Ethics Review Panel, and the Division of Human Resources are to be maintained indefinitely and cannot be destroyed.