Records Management Program

Baltimore County Public Schools - Records Management Program

Superintendent’s Rule 2380, Records Management Program, establishes systemwide standards and procedures for the management of the school system’s records management program. The purpose of the record retention program is to efficiently manage BCPS records by adopting records retention schedules and managing the disposition and/or timely disposal of records in compliance with Board Policy, Superintendent’s Rules, and state and federal retention requirements.

What does “Records” Include?

As defined by Superintendent’s Rule 2380, records include all forms of recorded information-- regardless of physical characteristics or format--that are created, received, recorded, or legally filed in connection with the transaction of school system business. While records are easily recognizable in paper formats, most records are now created electronically, including e-mail, word-processing files, spreadsheets, databases, Web pages, videos and a variety of other electronic formats.

Records Management

BCPS has approved Records Retention Schedules (RRS) for retaining and disposing of records to enable offices to make informed decisions about their records. These Schedules are designed to ensure that BCPS records are retained for as long as they are needed for administrative, legal, fiscal, or audit purposes, and that they are properly disposed of once their value to the office and to the school system has passed.

Records Liaison

Each office is required to identify a member of its staff to serve as its records liaison. The records liaison will be responsible for managing the office’s records retention schedule, completing and submitting records disposal forms, and scheduling office records for transfer to archives and/or for disposal.

Records Officer

The Superintendent has appointed a records officer to serve as the primary records management contact for the school system. The records officer will provide oversight and management of the records retention program.

Questions concerning the retention and disposition of records for BCPS schools and offices may be directed to the Records Officer at:

If you are requesting information about specific records of the school system, please use the following links:


Per the Board's order of January 8, 2019, any and all non-permanent records and non-records maintained in the Board of Education office, the Office of the Superintendent (this includes the Division of Research, Accountability and Assessment, the Division of Organizational Effectiveness, and the Office of Law), the Division of Business Services, the Ethics Review Panel, and the Division of Human Resources are to be maintained indefinitely and cannot be destroyed.