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What is Title I?

Title I is a grant program authorized through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The purpose of Title I is to provide supplemental resources to economically disadvantaged schools to support the achievement of their students. Contact your child's school today to find out how Title I funds are used to provide additional support to increase student achievement!

Title I Distinguished Schools
Each year the National Association of State Title I Directors (NASTID) recognizes Title I Distinguished Schools from all fifty states and Puerto Rico that have been selected for their outstanding results in one of two categories: (1) exceptional student performance for two or more consecutive years or (2) closing the achievement gap between student groups.  Each state may nominate up to two of its Title I schools that have risen above obstacles of poverty to improving learning for its most vulnerable students.

For the past three years, Baltimore County Title I schools have been the recipients of the Title I Distinguished Schools award.  Those schools are as follows:
2009-2010 Chadwick Elementary School (exceptional student performance)
2010-2011 Milbrook Elementary School (closing the achievement gap)
2011-2012 Sandalwood Elementary School (closing the achievement gap)

Reward Schools:
Reward Schools are recognized in two categories: those Title I schools that have been the highest performing or those Title I schools that have shown the highest amount of progress over a period of time on the Maryland School Assessment (MSA).  There are four categories of Reward Schools, and the Baltimore County Title I schools.

Distinguished Highest Performing Title I Reward Schools

Distinguished Highest Progress Title I Reward Schools

Title I Focus Schools
Focus Schools are ten percent of all Title I schools having the largest gap between the "all students" subgroups and the lowest performing subgroup or a Title I eligible high school with graduation rates 60% or lower.  The Baltimore County Title I Focus Schools are as follows:

Title I Service Model
The Office of Title I collaborates with Title I schools to close achievement gaps, increase parent involvement, and build teacher capacity through program monitoring and technical assistance.  We believe that partnering with schools to provide supplemental support will positively impact school improvement.  The Office of Title I provides differentiated support to high poverty schools.  Title I's technical assistance ensures effective and compliant use of federal funds.  We provide supplemental research-based support in the following areas: instruction, data analysis, professional learning, budget management, family and community engagement, and documentation.

BCPS Mandatory ESEA Programs

  • Private School Support

Title I provides funding for tutoring in reading and mathematics to academically needy students attending eligible private schools in Baltimore County. Consultation between private school officials and the BCPS Title I office occurs on a regular basis to implement the most effective program. Program effectiveness is determined annually using the results of students’ performance on milestone assessments.

  • Neglected and Delinquent Programs

The Title I office provides funds to the Good Shepherd Center, Children’s Home, Board of Child Care, and Villa Maria. These institutions use Title I funds for public school liaison positions that serve as school advocates for the children residing in the institutions, tutoring services, instructional supplies, in-home interventions, therapeutic mentors, and summer programs.

  • Homeless

Title I funds support a liaison to coordinate the district’s program for homeless students. Also, McKinney Vento funds support the Homeless Program in BCPS.

  • Aliza Brandwine Center (ABC)

The Title I office provides funds to ABC program.  ABC is a school-based family involvement program for parents/caregivers and their young children, birth to four years of age.  For more information, please visit them at http://www.bcps.org/offices/early_childhood/abc.html.

  • Supplemental Educational Services

    Beginning with the data from the 2007-2008 school year, and for each subsequent school year, the number of students who were eligible for an the number of students who participated in SES [34C.F.R. Section 200.39(c)(1)(ii);200.42(b)(5);200.43(b)(5);200.43(c)(1)(iii)] for the current year must be displayed on the system website.Per the approved Flexibility Request, SES is no longer a mandatory program, and BCPS has discontinued implementation of the program.

Office of Title I Staff

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