Office of Staffing
Office of Certification

The Office of Certification, in the Office of Personnel, is a part of the Department of Human Resources and is responsible to ensure that certificated staff achieve and maintain professional certification to reflect their “highly qualified” status in educating the children of Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS). 

Additionally, the Office of Certification:

  • Evaluates, issues, and renews the Maryland certificates of certificated staff.
  • Serves as professional growth advisors and liaisons to the Maryland State Department of Education for certificated personnel.
  • Coordinates National Board Certification for the school system.
  • Administers the tuition reimbursement program for certificated personnel.
  • Initiates salary level changes and step increases for certificated personnel.
  • Conducts new hire orientations and represents BCPS at job fairs and the new teacher inductions.

The Office of Certification’s website provides you with:

6901 Charles Street – Bldg E, Towson, Maryland 21204

Kenneth Kuyawa
Personnel Officer

Barbara Watkins
Certification Assistant
Last Names A - K
410-887-4147 or 5768 

Carla Simons
Certification Analyst
Last Names L – Z
410-887-4147 or 5768

Carole Bartels
Personnel Assistant

Roberta Arpin
Personnel Assistant

Peggy Muhl
Office Secretary
410-887-4147 or 5768  

Arvilla Parham
Office Secretary  
410-887-4147 or 5768


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