BCPS Stakeholder Survey
BCPS Stakeholder Survey
If you belong to multiple stakeholder groups, have more than one child enrolled in BCPS, or are a school staff member working in multiple schools, you may access the survey multiple times to provide feedback for each stakeholder group or school.The survey is focused on the four goal areas of the BCPS strategic plan, Blueprint 2.0. Learn more here.
The survey is an easy way to make BCPS even better
  • It takes only 5 minutes or less.
  • It’s available in 16 languages for students, parents/caregivers,
    and community members.
  • You can take the survey on a phone, tablet, or
See reports from past years
Want to stay engagged and provide feedback?

BCPS offers several other opportunities for stakeholders to engage and provide feedback.

You may also provide feedback directly to schools or contact BCPS directly.

Check our home page for additional events and information.

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