Policies and Rules
The Policy Review Process

The Board of Education adopts policies as required by law and in order to guide the work of the school system.

The Board’s process involves staff recommendations, community input and Board member discussion. The Board’s process demonstrates its commitment to transparent and open engagement of its community. The Board, as required by Policy 8130, reviews policies on a five year cycle.

Each year, as required by Superintendent’s Rule 8130, the Superintendent presents a list of policies that will be reviewed in the upcoming school year¹. These policies are then presented to the Board’s Policy Review Committee for discussion at each of the Committee’s scheduled meetings. The agenda for each Committee meeting is posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Note that the Committee can, and does, amend the schedule and agenda as necessary.

Following discussion by the Committee, policies are advanced to the full Board for a three-step process:

At first reader, the Committee Chairperson explains the recommended amendments or alternations to policy. Staff members are available to respond to Board member questions on the proposed changes. Immediately following presentation to the Board, policies are posted on the Comment Web Page so that the public may respond to the proposed changes.

At the second reader, which is also held at a public board meeting, the public has the opportunity to testify before the Board about the proposals.  Based upon comments received by the public or key stakeholders, the Board may opt to have PRC continue its review prior to taking final action. Policies posted on the Comment Web Page are taken down at 12 midnight on the night of second reader.

Finally, at third reader, the Board takes final action on the policy.

Once adopted, polices are posted on the Board’s  Policy Site. Additionally, any newly adopted policies are highlighted in yellow.


¹A list of policies scheduled to be reviewed during the 2016-2017 school year can be found here.

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