Policies and Rules

* Please note that the numbering in this Series has changed; to view the old numbers, kindly refer to the Cross Reference Table

6000 Series - Instruction *
  6000 Sub Series - Instruction
    6000P Curriculum and Instruction
    6000R Curriculum and Instruction
    6002P Selection of Instructional Materials
    6002R Selection of Instructional Materials
      Form A: Citizen’s Review of Instructional Materials
  6100 Sub Series - Curriculum
    6100P Reserved
    6100R Reserved
    6102P Teaching of Controversial Issues
    6102R Teaching of Controversial Issues
  6200 Sub Series - Instructional Services
    6200P School Libraries
    6202P Technology Acceptable Use Policy (TAUP) for Students
    6202R Technology Acceptable Use Policy (TAUP) for Students
      Rule 6202, Attachment - Student Privacy Options
  6300 Sub Series - Schedules
    6301P School Calendar
    6301R School Calendar
    6302R Reserved
    6303P Reserved
    6303R Emergency Closures, Delayed Opening, and Early Dismissal of Schools and/or Offices
    6304P Commemorations and Observances
    6306P Student Prayer and Religious Literature: Attendance
    6307P Patriotic Exercises
    6307R Patriotic Exercises
  6400 Sub Series - Special Programs
    6400P Magnet Programs
    6400R Magnet Programs
    6401P Advanced Academics and Gifted Education
    6401R Advanced Academics and Gifted Education
    6402P Special Education Services
    6402R Special Education Services
  6500 Sub Series - Research, Testing, and Evaluation
    6500P Research and Assessment
    6500R Assessments
    6501P Reserved
  6600 Sub Series - Curriculum Extensions and Alternative Programs
    6600P Educational Options Programs
    6600R Educational Options Programs
    6601P Reserved
    6601R Reserved
    6602P Alternative Education Program
    6604P Reserved
  6700 Sub Series - Extracurricular Activities
    6701P Reserved
    6702P Extracurricular Activities
    6702R Intramural, Interscholastic, and Corollary Athletic Programs
  6800 Sub Series - Field Trips
    6800P Field Trips and Foreign Travel
    6800R Field Trips and Foreign Travel
      Form A: Forms Needed Chart
      Form B: Overview and Approval Procedures Guide
      Form C: Field Trip Proposal for Overnight and Out-of-State Travel
      Form D: Field Trip Proposal for Foreign Travel
      Form E: Field Trip Proposal for Day and Extended-Day Field Trips
      Form F: Parent/Guardian Permission Form for Day and Extended-Day Field Trips
      Form G: Parent/Guardian Permission Form for Overnight Field Trips and Foreign Travel
      Form H: Field Trip Planning Timeline Day/Extended-Day/Overnight
      Form I: Chaperone Agreement Form
      Form J: Field Trip Notification – Cafeteria
      Form K: Student Health History: Overnight or Foreign Travel Field Trips
      Form L: Request to Administer Medication/Treatments
      Form M: Final Report – Day/Extended-Day Field Trips
      Form N: Final Report – Overnight Field Trips and Foreign Travel
      Form O: Field Trip Planning Timeline: Foreign Travel
    6801R Cultural Exchange
      Form A: Cultural Exchange Reciprocal Agreement
      Form B: Cultural Exchange Program – Planning Timeline
      Form C: Cultural Exchange Program – Student Project Proposal
      Form D: Cultural Exchange Program Evaluation
      Form E: Cultural Exchange Program – Proposal
      Form F: Cultural Exchange Program – Teacher Chaperone Agreement
      Form G: Cultural Exchange Program – Parent/Guardian Permission Form
      Form H: Cultural Exchange Student Health History
      Form I: Cultural Exchange Program – Authorization to Carry and Self-Administer Medication
      Form J: Performance Task Rubric – Oral Report
      Form K: Cultural Exchange Host Family Interview
      Form L: Cultural Exchange Host Family Applications
      Form M: Cultural Exchange – Forms Needed
      Form N: Cultural Exchange Program – Student Application and Information
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