Policies and Rules

* Please note that the numbering in this Series has changed; to view the old numbers, kindly refer to the Cross Reference Table

6000 Series - Instruction *
  6000 Sub Series - Instruction
    6000P Curriculum and Instruction
    6000R Curriculum and Instruction
    6002P Selection of Instructional Materials
    6002R Selection of Instructional Materials
      Form A: Citizen’s Review of Instructional Materials
  6100 Sub Series - Curriculum
    6100P Reserved
    6100R Reserved
    6102P Teaching Controversial Issues
    6102R Controversial Issues – Resource Personnel and Outside Speakers
  6200 Sub Series - Instructional Services
    6200P School Libraries
    6202P Technology Acceptable Use Policy (TAUP) for Students
    6202R Technology Acceptable Use Policy (TAUP) for Students
      Rule 6202, Attachment - Student Privacy Options
  6300 Sub Series - Schedules
    6301P School Calendar
    6301R School Calendar
    6302R Reserved
    6303P Reserved
    6303R Emergency Closures, Delayed Opening, and Early Dismissal of Schools and/or Offices
    6304P Commemorations and Observances
    6306P Student Prayer and Religious Literature: Attendance
    6307P Patriotic Exercises
    6307R Patriotic Exercises
  6400 Sub Series - Special Programs
    6400P Magnet Programs
    6400R Magnet Programs
    6401P Advanced Academics/Gifted Education
    6401R Advanced Academics and Gifted Education
    6402P Special Education Services
    6402R Special Education Services
  6500 Sub Series - Research, Testing, and Evaluation
    6500P Research and Assessment
    6500R Assessments
    6501P Reserved
  6600 Sub Series - Curriculum Extensions and Alternative Programs
    6600P Educational Options Programs
    6600R Educational Options Programs
    6601P Reserved
    6601R Reserved
    6602P Alternative Education Program
    6604P Reserved
  6700 Sub Series - Extracurricular Activities
    6701P Reserved
    6702P Extracurricular Activities
    6702R Intramural, Interscholastic, and Corollary Athletic Programs
  6800 Sub Series - Field Trips
    6800P Field Trips and Foreign Travel
    6800R Field Trips and Foreign Travel
      Form A: Forms Needed Chart
      Form B: Overview and Approval Procedures Guide
      Form C: Field Trip Proposal for Overnight and Out-of-State Travel
      Form D: Field Trip Proposal for Foreign Travel
      Form E: Field Trip Proposal for Day and Extended-Day Field Trips
      Form F: Parent/Guardian Permission Form for Day and Extended-Day Field Trips
      Form G: Parent/Guardian Permission Form for Overnight Field Trips and Foreign Travel
      Form H: Field Trip Planning Timeline Day/Extended-Day/Overnight
      Form I: Chaperone Agreement Form
      Form J: Field Trip Notification – Cafeteria
      Form K: Student Health History: Overnight or Foreign Travel Field Trips
      Form L: Request to Administer Medication/Treatments
      Form M: Final Report – Day/Extended-Day Field Trips
      Form N: Final Report – Overnight Field Trips and Foreign Travel
      Form O: Field Trip Planning Timeline: Foreign Travel
    6801R Cultural Exchange
      Form A: Cultural Exchange Reciprocal Agreement
      Form B: Cultural Exchange Program – Planning Timeline
      Form C: Cultural Exchange Program – Student Project Proposal
      Form D: Cultural Exchange Program Evaluation
      Form E: Cultural Exchange Program – Proposal
      Form F: Cultural Exchange Program – Teacher Chaperone Agreement
      Form G: Cultural Exchange Program – Parent/Guardian Permission Form
      Form H: Cultural Exchange Student Health History
      Form I: Cultural Exchange Program – Authorization to Carry and Self-Administer Medication
      Form J: Performance Task Rubric – Oral Report
      Form K: Cultural Exchange Host Family Interview
      Form L: Cultural Exchange Host Family Applications
      Form M: Cultural Exchange – Forms Needed
      Form N: Cultural Exchange Program – Student Application and Information
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