Policies and Rules

* Please note that the numbering in this Series has changed; to view the old numbers, kindly refer to the Cross Reference Table

4000 Series - Personnel *
  4000 Sub Series - General
    4000P Reserved
    4001P Reserved
    4001R Reserved
    4002P Obligations of Employees of the Board of Education of Baltimore County
    4003P Recruitment and Selection
    4004P Evaluations
    4004R  Evaluations
    4005P Tutoring/Educational Services
    4006P Medical Evaluations
    4006R Medical Evaluations
    4007R Personal Protective Equipment
      Form A: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Assessment Form
    4008P Data Governance
    4008R Data Governance
    4009P Emergency Closings – Employee Attendance
    4009R Emergency Closings – Employee Attendance
    4010P Nepotism
      Form A: Consanguinity and Affinity Relationship Chart
    4010R Nepotism
      Form A: Acknowledgement of Nepotism Policy Form
    4011P Professional Learning
    4011R Professional Learning
  4100 Sub Series – Conduct
    4100P Employee Conduct and Responsibilities
    4100R Employee Conduct and Responsibilities
    4101P Drug-Free Workplace
    4101R Drug-Free Workplace
    4102P Sexual Harassment
    4102R Sexual Harassment
    4103P Child Abuse and Neglect
    4103R Child Abuse and Neglect
      Form A: School’s Report of Suspected Child Abuse
      Form B: School’s Report of Suspected Child Neglect
      Form C: Internal Incident Report Form
    4104P Technology Acceptable Use Policy (TAUP) for Employees and Approved Non-Employees
    4104R Technology Acceptable Use Policy (TAUP) for Employees and Approved Non-Employees
      Form A: Technology Acceptable Use Agreement for Employees and Approved Non-Employees
      Form B: Webmaster Agreement
      Form C: Electronic Mail Application Form
      Form D: Electronic Mail Change Form
  4200 Sub Series – Compensation, Benefits and Retirement
    4201P Employee Insurance  
    4201R Employee Insurance  
    4202P Retirement  
    4202R Retirement  
    4203P Absences and Leaves  
    4203R Absences and Leaves  
    4204R Workers’ Compensation  
    4205P Reserved  
    4205R Reserved  
  4300 Sub Series - Professional Staff
    4301P  Reserved
    4302R Awarding and Maintaining Tenure
    4303R Termination of Ineffective Tenured Teachers
    4304P Reserved
    4304R Reserved
  4400 Sub Series – Support/Classified Personnel
    4402P Separation from Employment
    4402R Separation from Employment
  4500 Sub Series – Temporary Employment
    4500P Substitute Teachers
    4500R Substitute Teachers
    4501P Reserved
    4502P Reserved
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