Policies and Rules
3000 Series - Non-Instructional Services
  3100 Sub Series - Non-Instructional Services
    3000P Non-Instructional Services
    3111P Budget: Planning and Preparation
    3113P Budget: Transfers and Supplements
    3121P Funds Management and Classification of Expenditures
    3121R Funds Management and Classification of Expenditures
    3123P Reporting
    3125P School Activity Funds
    3125R School Activity Funds
    3126P Expense Reimbursements
    3126R Expense Reimbursements
    3127P Travel
    3127R Travel
    3128P Board-Owned Vehicles
    3128R Board-Owned Vehicles
    3130P Products and Services for Purchase with Student Funds
    3130R Products and Services for Purchase with Student Funds
    3150P Board Insurance Program
    3150R Board Insurance Program
    3151P Accident Insurance
    3160P School-Sponsored Activities
    3160R School-Sponsored Activities
    3170P Quality Management System (QMS)
    3170R Quality Management System (QMS)
  3200 Sub Series - Purchasing
    3200P Purchases from Minority and Small Business Enterprises
    3200R Purchases from Minority and Small Business Enterprises
    3209P Purchasing Principles
    3209R Purchasing Principles
    3210P Purchasing Guidelines
    3210R Purchasing Guidelines
    3215P Contract Execution
    3215R Contract Execution
    3225P Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
    3225R Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
    3230P Qualification of Vendors
    3230R Qualification of Vendors
    3231P Vendor Performance Evaluation
    3231R Vendor Performance Evaluation
    3240P   Reserved
    3250P Selection of Design and Construction Consultants
    3250R Design and Construction Consultants
    3260P Reserved
    3260R Reserved
  3300 Sub Series - Food Services
    3310P Food and Nutrition Services
    3310R Food and Nutrition Services
    3330P Food Service Finance
    3330R Food Service Finance
  3400 Sub Series - Transportation Services
    3410P Responsibilities and Duties
    3410R Responsibilities and Duties
    3420P Routes and Services
    3420R Routes and Services
  3500 Sub Series - Physical Plant Services
    3510P Operation
    3520P Maintenance
    3520R Maintenance
    3530P Safety and Security
    3530R Safety and Security
    3532P Restitution for Vandalism
    3532R Restitution for Vandalism
  3600 Sub Series - Fees, Gifts and Property Disposition
    3610R Tuition and Fees
    3620P Inventories
    3620R Inventories
    3640P Disposal of Surplus or Excess Property
  3700 Sub Series - Safety and Security
    3710P Safety and Security Equipment
    3710R Identification Badges
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