Policies and Rules
1000 Series - Community Relations
  1100 Sub Series - Communication with the Public
    1100P Communications with the Public
    1100R Communications with the Public
    1110P Publications, Radio, Television, and Digital Media
    1110R Publications, Radio, Television, and Digital Media
    1120R Copyright
      Form A: Copyright Permission Request
  1200 Sub Series - Community Involvement
    1200P Community Involvement
    1210P Relationship with Parent-Teacher (Student) Associations
    1210R Relationship with Parent-Teacher (Student) Associations
    1220P Reserved
    1230P Area Educational Advisory Councils (AEAC)
    1240P Visitors to Schools and Offices
    1240R Visitors to Schools and Offices
    1260P School Volunteers
    1260R School Volunteers
    1270P Parent and Family Engagement
    1270R Parent and Family Engagement
    1280P Boundary Changes
    1280R Boundary Changes
    1290P Closing of School Buildings
    1290R Closing of School Buildings
  1300 Sub Series - Use of School Facilities
    1300P Use of School Facilities
    1300R Use of School Facilities
    1320P Contests Sponsored by External Organizations
    1320R Contests Sponsored by External Organizations
  1500 Sub Series - Zoning Information
    1500P Reserved
    1500R Reserved
  1600 Sub Series - Public Charter Schools
    1600P Public Charter Schools
    1600R Public Charter Schools
      Appendix A Letter of Intent
      Appendix A1 Contact Information
      Appendix A2 Prospectus Guidelines
      Appendix A3 Pre-Operational Budget
      Appendix B Application Cover Sheet
      Appendix C Application Forms and Documents Checklist
      Appendix D Application Components
      Appendix E Compliance Assurances
      Appendix F Conflict of Interest Form
      Appendix G Affidavit, Disclosure, and Consent for Background and Credit Check
      Appendix H Public Charter School Waiver Application
      Appendix I MSDE Facilities Planning Guidelines and Technical Bulletin
      Appendix J Sample List of Facilities Requirements for Charter Schools
      Appendix K Leasing Requirements
      Appendix L Construction Plans
      Appendix M Insurance Requirements
      Appendix N Early Childhood Programs – Age of Entry Chart
      The Charter School Procedures Manual
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