Policies and Rules
Policy Manual of the Board of Education of Baltimore County

The Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland requires county boards of education to "determine the educational policies of the county school system." Md. Code Ann., Educ., §4-108 Moreover, all local boards are required to "adopt, codify and make available to the public, bylaws, rules, and regulations not inconsistent with State law, for the conduct and management of the county public schools." In Baltimore County, all policies adopted by the Board of Education and rules issued by the Superintendent of Schools are found on its Policy webpage.

A policy is a statement of the vision, goals, principles or position of the Board of Education to guide and direct the Superintendent and the staff. Additionally, as used in the 8000 Series, Internal Board Operations, policies are understood as tools to establish concrete mechanisms for the Board's self-governance.

The policy manual is divided into nine 'series': basic board commitments; community relations; administration; non-instructional services; personnel; students; instruction; new construction; and internal board operations. Policies are adopted by the Board at one of its regular meetings in accordance with the procedures set forth in Policy 8130.

rule is issued by the Superintendent of Schools to implement the policies of the Board of Education and to establish the manner in which Board policies are to be executed. Rules of the Superintendent are presented to the Board for information purposes, and do not require Board approval for their enactment.

The Board’s review of policies is an on-going process.  Policies that have been reviewed or changed during the 2017-2018 school year are highlighted on the table of contents in yellow. The exact revision date is listed at the bottom of the last page of the policy.


Disclaimer:  From time to time, the BCPS network may be temporarily unavailable as the result of scheduled maintenance or updates.  During such times, the policies and rules may not be accessible.

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