Stay Safe in School

Report to the Board of Education of Baltimore County From the Student Member of the Board

September 12, 2017

The week has gone by so fast, but I loved seeing pictures of students enjoying their time in the classroom all over social media! The beginning of the school year is so important for students in every grade level: this is a time to get to know your teachers and help them understand how you learn as an individual and in a group setting. The beginning of the school year is also a great way to get involved in clubs! There are so many clubs to choose from, and it is also very easy to start your own! I recommend getting involved early with clubs and activities, it is such a great way to make friends and stay active in your schools! 

Last Tuesday, I had the chance to visit a few schools with our superintendent, Ms. White, and her staff! I was so excited to see a lot of my fellow Board members also taking the time out of their schedules to visit the schools. It is so crucial for us to be active in the school system we serve, and I hope that everyone will continue to visit schools as the year progresses.

As it was my first day of school as well, I didn't get to visit every school Ms. White went to, but I was able to visit Arbutus Elementary and Ridgely Middle. I absolutely loved the spirit and energy Arbutus teachers and students had so early in the morning, and I would like to thank the Arbutus teachers who were standing outside who made sure I did not have to parallel park!!

I was also blown away by the warm and inviting energy both schools displayed. Ridgely Middle School definitely shattered the stereotypes of middle school being 'scary'. I quickly noticed the yellow line that normally divides middle school hallways in half was not there, and their administration team had big red buttons that said “Coach” on them. Those were a few of their little ways to create a friendly school climate that made a big difference. As students transitioned through classes, they would greet their administration team and were never afraid to ask questions and their principal and assistant principals were always glad to help! I really enjoyed visiting these two schools and I am looking forward to visiting more schools next month!! 

Finally, as Lighthouse schools begin distributing devices, I would like to thank BCPS for making sure that students have the ability to use their computers at home via the Sprint 1Million grant. This grant is available for Lighthouse students to sign up and receive a hotspot, allowing them to have web access outside of school. As more schools begin to implement work on the devices in and out of school, we don’t want some of our students to fall behind because they don't have access to the internet at home. I was happy to hear my assistant principals at Pikesville High discussing that option with students. 

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