Celebrating Our 2017 Graduating Seniors

We will be posting a new graduating senior profile each day leading up to May 26, the last day for seniors.
Graduating Senior: Tommy King

Tommy King

Towson High School (Rodgers Forge Elementary, Dumbarton Middle)

Tell us about a teacher, assignment, field trip, or extracurricular activity that had a significant impact on you during your years as a BCPS student?

One of the most significant experiences of my school career has been my time with the Towson High School Mock Trial Team. Since joining the team, I have had the pleasure of working with a great group of people who have helped me develop as both a student and a person and some of my closest friendships have even come out of this program. It would be hard for me to imagine my time in high school without this experience and I am thankful for all it has given me.

During your years as a BCPS student, what did you accomplish that you are most proud of? 

One accomplishment that I am particularly proud of is the completion of Towson High School's production of The Addams Family earlier this spring. This accomplishment is certainly not mine alone, but I am still very proud of the extensive work I put in for the show, especially in the weeks right before it when a combination of unfortunate circumstances and mishaps put the show in serious danger of failure. The show did end up being a success and I am very glad that I was able to do my part in making that happen.

What’s next for you? What are your college or employment plans immediately after graduation?

This fall, I will be attending the University of Maryland, College Park where I will be pursuing a degree in computer engineering as well as participating in the UMD Scholars Program. I hope to eventually obtain a higher level degree following my time at Maryland.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I can see myself running my own business or perhaps pursuing a doctoral degree.

“Tommy is a student that represents the characteristics and values Towson High hopes all of its graduates possess: intelligent, hard-working, responsible and respectful. More than just an excellent student, Tommy is an individual with a lot of character that is reflected in his vivacious personality. He excels in class and outside of class as a leader on the Its Academic Team, Mock Trial Team, Theatre, Marching Band and Morning Announcement Team. He is one of Towson High’s Law and Public Policy Magnet students that received the Law Student of the Year Award as junior. The Award goes to the magnet student who most exemplifies the magnet program through achievement in class as well as outside of class. I was fortunate to have taught Tommy Trial Advocacy as a sophomore and AP Economics as a senior. He achieved at the highest level in both classes. As the mock trial advisor, I can attest to Tommy’s analytical thinking and persuasive speaking skills. He was a lead attorney for the defense and helped the team reach the semifinals this year. Tommy is a leader by example who uses his sense of humor to motivate those around him. While we all look forward to hearing about Tommy’s success at the University of Maryland, he will be missed in the classrooms and halls of Towson High School.”

James Ridgely, Esquire, Trial Advocacy, AP Economics and Mock Trial advisor

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