Celebrating Our 2016 Graduating Seniors
This year, we are honoring the seniors selected by their schools to receive the Ethics Award, Baltimore County Public Schools’ highest honor, given to one student from each high school who best exemplifies the values of the school system.
Graduating Seniors

Madison Jackson
Eastern Technical High School
(Seven Oaks Elementary School, Pine Grove Middle School)

Tell us about a teacher, assignment, field trip, or extracurricular activity that had a significant impact on you during your years as a BCPS student?

Being elected president of National Honor Society in 11th grade completely changed my outlook on what it means to help others. With the help of my brilliant and supportive counselor, Ms. Murphy, I was able to start a mentoring program between members and incoming freshmen. We also coordinated an annual Stuff-a-Bus canned food drive, where we filled a bus with canned goods and donated it to a nearby church in need. Filling that food pantry and seeing the overjoyed looks on peoples’ faces was so rewarding.

During your years as a BCPS student, what did you accomplish that you are most proud of? 

I am so proud of my accomplishments outside of the classroom that have made me a better person. Field hockey and track have been a huge part of my life. From making the varsity team in freshman year to becoming a captain my senior year and playing on the Baltimore County All-Star Team, and from barely being able to run for half an hour to going to track state championships twice and running my first marathon, my participation in sports will always be something amazing I can look back on.

What are your college or employment plans immediately after graduation?

I will be studying neurobiology and physiology with a minor in Spanish at University of Maryland, College Park. I also will be in the Global Public Health Scholars program and plan to be on the pre-med track.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, no matter where I end up, I see myself living a happy, fulfilling life dedicated to helping others.

“Madison Jackson leads by example through hard work, determination, and exemplary behavior. She exhibits passion for all she does. She is sensitive, empathic, expressive, and always willing to listen to a friend. Madison has worked tirelessly planning and implementing schoolwide student tutoring programs, campaigns for replenishing food pantries/food banks, and was instrumental in developing the Grade 9 mentoring program through the National Honor Society. Teachers reflect that she is an excellent student, very detail oriented, and has a wonderful work ethic and a strong desire to succeed academically. Balancing academics, sports AND a job, all-the-while smiling, is Madison. She is a reader, a student, an athlete, and an employee. Her pleasant, cordial approach to her everyday duties and demands is impressive.  Madison Jackson is creative, organized, energetic, and enthusiastic.  She embodies the very best that is Eastern Technical High School.”

C. Michelle Anderson, Principal

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