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Glick's Picks for Summer Reading
Book Recommendations

"Glick's  Picks"  will run each week this summer with reading recommendations for BCPS students. Fran Glick is the supervisor of library media and instructional technology in the Office of Digital Learning. In the past, she has served as an elementary and high school library media specialist. She loves to share literature with students and, as an adjunct professor at Towson University and the University of Baltimore, she teaches courses in children's literature. She delights in introducing adults to the power of books written for children. Happy reading!

Book Recommendations- August 17

It’s almost time for Back to School!  This week’s picks are connected around the theme of school in order to get you ready to come back.  Your teachers will want to hear what you’ve read this summer and perhaps you will tell them about one of these titles.

Picture Book (K-3)

The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi

Unhei has just come with her family to a life in America and says goodbye to her life in Korea.  As she starts school she feels awkward about her name.  It is pronounced Yoon-hye and after some teasing on the bus she decides to take an American name. Her classmates help her by filling a glass jar with their suggestions. Her mother reminds her that she and her grandmother went to a name master for Unhei's name and that it carries a special tradition.  Unhei’s story helps to remind all of us that we’re special in many ways based on the experiences we bring from our traditions and cultures.


Intermediate Grades (4-5)

The Year of Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick Hill

In 1948, Fred (short for Frederika) and the other children of the Athabascan village on the Koyukuk River wait for the arrival of their new schoolteacher. They’ve had many teachers but none of them stay very long because life in  the wilderness is just too hard.  When Miss Agnes arrives it’s clear that she is not like the other teachers they have had. She throws out all the old textbooks and puts up maps and timelines and pictures of the world. She plays opera records and reads Robin Hood and Greek mythology to her students. She teaches them creative writing and talks to them about growing up and becoming doctors or scientists. Miss Agnes changes them and the school for the better.  This story will stay with you long after you finish it.

Middle School  (6-8)


Paul Fisher is legally blind and he has to wear "bottle-thick, bug-eyed glasses." Even though he is blind, he has an amazing ability to see people for what they really are. When Paul's family moved to Tangerine County, Florida, he got a chance to start over. Paul has grown up in the shadow of his self-absorbed, football-playing brother. Paul’s town in plagued by challenges and Paul begins to unravel mysteries about what is really going on under his town and his life at Tangerine Middle.  This story is filled with mystery, sports, and sibling rivalry.  It’s a gem!
High School (9-12)

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

A new girl comes to quiet Mica High School and she becomes the talk of the school.  No one knows how to take Stargirl because she is so different from everyone.  She has a pet rat and a ukulele.  She begins to make a mark on the students and teachers by her acts of kindness and unique ways.  Like real stars the brightness that Stargirl brings starts to fade.  This story is a testament to being yourself and not being influenced by others.  Stargirl is a character that you won’t forget!



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