Information for New Home Schooling Enrollments
Baltimore County Public Schools supports home schooling in accordance with the Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 13A.10.01.

Home Schooling Basics

  • A parent or guardian who chooses to teach a child at home must provide instruction in the required subject areas: English/language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, health, and physical education.

  • The parent/guardian is responsible for selecting the curriculum and/or instructional materials to be used for each subject area.

  • High school students enrolled in home schooling programs are not eligible for a diploma from Baltimore County Public Schools.  Refer to Home Schooling at a Glance for more information. 

Home Schooling Supervision

All home schooling programs must be supervised. Parents/guardians may choose to be supervised by a nonpublic entity registered with MSDE or by Baltimore County Public Schools. Please indicate your selection of supervision on page 2 of the Notification Form. You may choose a different supervision entity at any time by notifying the Home Schooling Office.




Enrollment Procedures
The documents below provide important information regarding Maryland Regulations for home schooling a child.

To register for home schooling, complete and submit the Notification Form to the BCPS Office of Home Schooling 15 days prior to beginning your home school program. Forms may be submitted by US mail, fax, or e-mail.

* A student who is currently enrolled in Baltimore County Public Schools will not be withdrawn from school until the home schooling enrollment process is complete and written notification has been provided from the Office of Home Schooling to the local school.

Additional information may be obtained at Maryland Home Schooling.

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