About the EDLP

High school students access courses in the evenings and/or on Saturday morning at one or more centers across Baltimore County for the following purposes: image

  • Accelerate credit attainment for early graduation.
  • Create flexibility in regular high school schedules in order to access more innovative classes.
  • Recover credits in courses already taken.

Each student personalizes learning experiences by:

  • Controlling the pacing of his/her course work.
  • Collaborating with a highly qualified teacher to create a blend of learning experiences that includes independent on-line work, peer-to-peer group work and teacher-directed instruction as needed.
  • Accessing content from any location with internet access, including the EDL center, local libraries, comprehensive high schools, and at home. 

The EDLP does not offer every credit necessary for graduation, but can support students and schools in designing customized plans for BCPS graduation.   It is critical that students and families collaborate with a counselor at their home school to design a flexible graduation plan.

For a list of courses offered, schedule a meeting with your school counselor at your zoned high school.

Disconnected youth may work with a school counselor at one of our EDLP sites or call the program supervisor for more information.


EDLP Frequently Asked Questions
EDLP Brochure

Extended Day Centers & Contacts

EDL Principal
Parkville High School
Monday & Wednesday
6–10 p.m.
Mark Matthews
(410) 887-5257
Milford Mill Academy
Monday & Wednesday
6–10 p.m
Joseph Kopec
(410) 887-0776
Dundalk High School
Tuesday & Thursday
6–10 p.m.
Dr. Robert Murray
Woodlawn High School
Tuesday & Thursday
6–10 p.m.
Natalie Adams
(410) 887-1309
Loch Raven High School
8 a.m.–12 p.m.
Tarah Kutch
(410) 887-3525

General information may be obtained during regular school hours by contacting the Office of Extended Day Learning Programs:

Stacy N. C. Bryan
Dennis (DJ) Floyd
Special Education Specialist
Crystal Swanson
Jessica Lopez
Special Education Resource Teacher

Extended Day Learning Program
Jefferson Building, Lower Level
105 W. Chesapeake Avenue
Towson, MD 21204

If you are interested in helping students in the EDLP realize their potential, please visit Temporary Services to submit an application.

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