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schoolThe goal of the Office of School Safety is to coordinate prevention and intervention plans and programs designed to help ensure the maintenance of school safety by using all resources effectively and efficiently so that student achievement will be improved for all students. To achieve this goal we must work cooperatively and collaboratively with school system staff, our interagency partners, community members, and parents. Our objectives are to promote increased focus on behavior management through the implementation of character education and behavior management plans, to coordinate and monitor the implementation of programs designed to teach students how to make good decisions, to coordinate initiatives to help prevent, intervene with, and support students who may choose to make destructive decisions, and to monitor the use of grant funds to make sure students benefit from services provided to support them.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words.  Watch your words, they become your actions.  Watch your actions, they become your habits.  Watch your habits, they become your CHARACTER.  Watch your CHARACTER, it becomes your destiny.”

Freeman A. Hrabowski III
President, UMBC

Additionally, the Office School Safety, in collaboration with interagency partners, coordinate plans and programs to keep students safe:

  • Students Against Destructive Decisions Program (SADD)
  • Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program (DARE)/Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT)
  • School Resource Officers Program (SRO)
  • Maryland Student Assistance Program (MSAP)
  • Juvenile Offenders In Need of Supervision Program (JOINS)
  • Health Education Curriculum
  • After-Prom Parties Program
  • Parenting Programs
  • Behavior Management and Emergency Management Plans
  • Character Education Initiatives
  • Violence Prevention
  • Tobacco Use Prevention
  • Gang Awareness and Education
  • Community Conferencing Information
  • Character Education Initiatives
  • Cyberbullying Resources
  • Net Cetera:  Parent Resource about Student Online Safety
  • School Resource Officers Program (SRO)
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Intervention Programs

Office of School Safety
9610 Pulaski Park Drive, Suite 219
Baltimore, MD 21220
Office Phone: 410-887-6439
Fax: 410-780-9480

Denise Haberkam


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