Department of Student Support Services


The Department of Student Support Services coordinates prevention and intervention programs and services to support schools, students, and parents by addressing the cognitive, behavioral, social, emotional, health, safety, and alternative education needs of all students to maximize student achievement.

Blueprint for Progress

  • To improve achievement for all students.
  • To maintain a safe and orderly learning environment in every school.
  • To use resources effectively and efficiently.

Programs and Support Services

  • Director of Student Support Services manages the coordination of the disciplinary procedures, Student Handbook, Section 504 Plans, emergency planning with police, fire, emergency services, and the Safe Schools Conference.
  • Alternative Education, Dropout Prevention, and Summer School offers students who may not be successful in comprehensive school settings a number of different options to continue their education.
  • Athletics supports the philosophy that a quality interscholastic athletic program is vital to the positive social, physical, and educational development of students.
  • Health Services provides a comprehensive health services program that supports student learning, coordinates nurses, and Wellness Centers.
  • Psychological Services provides consultation, assessment, and intervention services to students, parents, school staff, and system staff members.
  • School Counseling provides services and assistance that enable students to experience school success, develop college readiness, as well as career awareness, decision-making competencies, and understanding and respecting self and others.
Kim Ferguson
Candace Riddle
Administrative Secretary

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