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Related Services

Related Services are support services that may be required to assist a student with a disability to benefit from his/her individual education program. A related service is recommended only when necessary for a student to benefit from special education. If a student does not need special education, related services cannot be provided through an IEP. The student's related services needs are part of the IEP, which will specify the amount and type of service the student is to receive. These services are provided at no cost to the parent. (Paraphrased from Title 34C.F.R. Sec 300.24(a))

Related Services

Physical Education

Art Therapy

Assistive Technology


Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Music Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

School Social Work Services

Speech and Language Services

Transition Services

Vision Services

BCPS' Make-up Plan for Related Services Missed Sessions
Notice of Services for Home Schooled Students
Notice of Services for Private/Parochial Students


Related service providers see themselves as leaders in their discipline and believe in their unique professional contributions to students as an integral component to academic growth and student success.
Every student, every parent, every teacher clearly sees the link between the therapeutic interventions and the academic growth and success of the student.
Every administrator and every teacher in every school view related service providers as an integral part of their educational team that supports the academic growth and success of all students.

Related service providers collaborate to identify and implement therapeutic and special education interventions, in order to support students' functional independence and academic success in the general education or alternative curriculum. Additionally, related service providers uniquely contribute, in a professional manner and in a spirit of responsibility, to support and address student needs and total school accountability as we prepare students to successfully transition beyond high school.

Related service providers will identify and provide therapeutic and special education interventions, which are directly aligned with the academic demands of the curriculum presented to the student.

No Child Left Behind Act
Four Basic Education Reform Principles

  • Stronger accountability for results
  • Increased flexibility and local control
  • Expanded options for parents
  • Emphasis on research-based educational methods

BCPS Blueprint for Progress

  • To improve student achievement for all students
  • To maintain a safe and orderly learning environment in every school
  • To use resources effectively and efficiently

The Blueprint for Progress provides the framework for preparation of the Master Plan.

BCPS Master Plan
The Master Plan provides the framework for student achievement and budgetary decisions and actions.

  • Performance Indicator 1.1 - All diploma-bound students in grades 3-8 and 10 will meet or exceed Maryland School Assessment Standards (MSA)
  • Performance Indicator 1.5 - Seventy percent of participating special education students will meet or exceed state standards for the Alternative Maryland School Assessment (Alt-MSA)

Maren Townsend, Coordinator, Related Services
Phone: (443) 809-3660

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