Service Learning

Baltimore County Service-learning
Program Summary

Secondary Level

Courses with Required Service-Learning Projects

Meritorious Recognition


Middle School

Grade 6:
ELA 6 (10 hours)
Social Studies (10 hours)
Health (10 hours)Technology Education  (10 hours)*
Business/Comp Sci MS6(10 hours)

Grade 7:
Art (10 hours)
Technology Education  (10 hours)*
Family and Consumer Sciences
(10 hours)*
Business/Comp Sci MS7 (10 hours)

Grade 8:
Science (10 hours)
Health (10 hours)
Family and Consumer Sciences (10 hours)*

All 8th graders are eligible but only the top 5 8th graders who achieve more than 75 Independent Hours are recognized.

High School

Grades 9 & 10:
Biology (10 hours)
English 9 (10 hours)
English 10 (2017 only)
American Government (15 hours)
Technology Education (10 hours)


All graduating seniors are eligible

but only the top 10 graduating seniors who earn more than 150 Independent Hours receive recognition.

* Projects implemented only at schools where the noted courses are offered

Note: The above infusion projects are course requirements that are completed during the school day.  Credit for all projects are recorded by the teacher and is reflected on student report cards.




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