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Salary Guidelines

Salary Lane Advancement

The Office of Certification initiates salary level changes and step increases for certificated staff. 

Certificated employees are compensated for additional coursework beyond their bachelor’s degree.  When requirements are met and verified, an adjustment is made to the employee’s salary.  See Course Requirements for Salary Lane Advancement for each salary lane and the required credits.

Requests for Salary Lane Advancement must be submitted to the Office of Certification along will all official transcripts, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) slips, and/or Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  The staff member must submit the request for salary lane advancement using the Request Form.  Forms must be sent via email to

It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure the Office of Certification receives all documentation.  Employee records are updated within 8 to 10 weeks after receipt of the documentation. 

Once coursework is completed and required documentation is submitted and verified by the Office of Certification, the effective date of a salary lane advancement will be the beginning of the first full pay period after receipt of all documentation.  If applicable, retroactive pay may be expected within 2 pay periods after receipt of the personnel action confirmation.

New Hires - official documentation for salary level adjustments must be received within the first 90 calendar days of employmentfor the adjustment to be effective on their hire date. Official documentation received after 90 days will be effective the beginning of the next pay period after the official documentation is received.

Update Record

If you would like to submit official transcripts, CPD slips, or CEUs to add to your record, please submit your documents to the Office of Certification along with the Request Form.  Forms must be sent via email to

Growth Chart

The Office of Certification keeps record of coursework completed by employees.  The chart is updated based on the official transcripts, CPD credit slips, and CEUs submitted by the employee.  A copy of the growth chart is available upon request.  Requests can be submitted per the Request Form.  Forms must be sent via email to

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