Office of Personnel
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We are constantly working to improve our service as we keep your comments and questions in mind. Please use our department email directory for any inquiries regarding The Baltimore County Public Schools.

Dr. Alpheus Arrington, Jr
(410) 887- 4191
Dr. Raymond E. Banks, Sr.
Personnel Officer
(410) 887-4453
Wayne Bark
Personnel Officer
(410) 887-4146
Geoffrey Bond
Personnel Officer
(410) 887-4152
Jill Bordenick
Personnel Officer
(410) 887-4605
Cynthia D. Hamlet
Personnel Officer
(410) 887-7869
Herman James
Personnel Officer
(410) 887-5530
Ken Kuyawa
Personnel Officer
(410) 887-5768
Angelia Nicholas
Personnel Officer
(410) 887-4151
Joelle Skorczewski
Personnel Officer
(410) 887-2945


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