Office of Payroll

The Office of Payroll is a part of the Department of Fiscal Services and is responsible for paying the 17,000 active employees of the Baltimore County Public Schools accurately and on time.

Additionally, the Office of Payroll:

  • Withholds and remits federal and state income taxes and FICA taxes, county and state retirement deductions, wage attachments, and all voluntary payroll deductions
  • Tracks employee absences and leave usage
  • Issues W2s
  • Provides employment verifications to banks, mortgage lenders, and social service agencies
  • Prepares salary scales and proposals for use in union negotiations

The Office of Payroll's website provides you with:

Robin Carpenter
Payroll Manager
Leslie A. Randall
Payroll Supervisor
Roxanne Hoover
Payroll Supervisor

FAX: 410-887-7610
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