Support Service/Non-Instructional Vacancies
To submit an application for any of the positions listed below fill out the Support Services/ Non-Instructional Application unless otherwise noted on the job announcement.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to be fingerprinted without an authorization code. You will need to obtain an authorization code from your Personnel Officer, Analyst, or other hiring representative BEFORE scheduling a fingerprinting appointment.

7/28/2015 Assistant Building Operations Supervisor
7/24/2015 Electrician II, 2nd Shift
7/21/2015 Building Operations Supervisor IV
7/15/2015 Building Operations Supervisor IV
7/15/2015 Assistant Building Operations Supervisor
7/15/2015 Building Operations Supervisor V
7/15/2015 Building Operations Supervisor III
4/21/2015 Maintenance Worker II – Mason – 2ND Shift
4/21/2015 Building Operations Supervisor II
4/2/2015 School Bus Attendant
2/4/2015 Security, Video/Access Control Technician - 3 Vacancies
1/9/2015 Grounds Worker I, Maintenance
1/9/2015 Grounds Worker I, Operations
10/20/2014 School Bus Attendant
10/20/2014 School Bus Attendant
10/20/2014 School Bus Attendant
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