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Family Media Agreements

Our students live in a digitally-enhanced world both in their learning spaces and their social spaces. Kids today have only known a world in which 24/7 access to people, ideas, and information was possible with digital technologies. As parents and educators, our role is to help our students stay safe and behave responsibly in this hyper connected world.

A Family Media Agreement provides an opportunity to discuss expectations, limitations, and responsibilities of living in a digitally-enhanced world. Some considerations for discussion are:

Internet use and technology use at home for parents and children

  • Should the number of hours spent online be limited? Should there be an “all devices” off time?
  • Should there be certain times when devices are set aside (mealtimes, bedtimes)?
  • What differences, if any, should there be with use during the school week and use on weekends?
  • How much privacy should children expect while using the internet? Can the digital devices be used behind closed doors or must it be in high traffic areas?
  • Should the use of social media be allowed? Which ones are acceptable? Which ones are not?
  • What type of websites are unacceptable?
  • Should personal information be shared? How much? What types?

Thinking about these questions and talking about them can also be illuminating for parents about their own digital use.

What happens when something goes wrong?

Children are curious and they want to do what their friends are doing. Talk in advance about how different situations should be handled so that they are aware of the potential consequences of their actions. Involve them in developing solutions to problems that occur. Remind them that their safety is your primary concern.

The site, Common Sense Media provides information to help parents understand the digitally-enhanced world in which our children live.

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