School Construction Projects

Schools For The Future

Schools for Our Future is Baltimore County’s ambitious $1.3 billion school renovation and construction program. The initiative aims to eliminate overcrowding in the elementary schools, modernize the schools in greatest need, and install central air conditioning in all remaining non-air conditioned schools.  As a result of our successful efforts, five new schools have been built, four new schools are in construction, and seven new schools are currently in design.  Furthermore, seven new additions have been built and five additions are currently in design.  Finally, the number of BCPS schools without central air conditioning has dropped from 90 in 2010 to 8 schools and 2 centers at the start of the 2018-2019 school year, and will soon thereafter reach zero.

The overarching vision is to provide Baltimore County Public Schools facilities with a full 21st century instructional capability that addresses:

  • Implementing digital learning,
  • Creating flexible learning spaces,
  • Improving magnet offerings,
  • Considering grade level configurations,
  • Providing educational options for non-traditional learning, and
  • Developing Pre-Kindergarten program system-wide.

Below is a list of current and completed Schools for Our Future projects as well as links to additional information:

Bedford ES, replacement school, design
Berkshire ES, replacement school, design
Catonsville ES (Bloomsbury), replacement school, complete
Chadwick ES, replacement school, design
Chapel Hill ES, air conditioning, complete
Church Lane ES, air conditioning, construction
Colgate ES, replacement school, design
Deer Park ES, addition and renovation, planning
Dumbarton MS, air conditioning, construction
Dundalk ES, replacement school, construction
Edmondson Heights ES, air conditioning, construction
Fort Garrison ES, addition and renovation, planning
Franklin HS, air conditioning, construction
Franklin MS, air conditioning, complete
Golden Ring MS, air conditioning, complete
Honeygo ES, new school, construction
Kenwood HS, air conditioning, construction
Kingsville ES, air conditioning, construction
Lansdowne ES, replacement school, construction
Lansdowne HS, renovation, design
Middle River MS, air conditioning, construction
Middlesex ES, air conditioning, complete
Northeast Area ES @ Ridge Road, new school, design
Northeast Area MS, new school, design
Orems ES, air conditioning, complete
Overlea HS, air conditioning, complete
Patapsco HS, air conditioning, construction
Pine Grove MS, addition and renovation, planning
Red House Run ES, addition and renovation, planning
Reisterstown ES, air conditioning, complete
Relay ES, new school, complete
Scotts Branch ES, addition, planning
Southwest Academy, air conditioning, construction
Stemmers Run MS, air conditioning, construction
Summit Park ES, replacement school, planning
Victory Villa ES, replacement school, construction
Westowne ES, replacement school, complete
Woodlawn HS, air conditioning, construction

Please note that completed air conditioning projects imply that the air conditioning is operational in all classrooms.  Work may still be going on in common areas of the building (hallway, gymnasium, cafeteria, etc…).

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