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BCPS Long Term Capital Planning Update
January, 2014
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This fall we announced plans to begin the development of a long-term capital improvement plan.  GWWO, Inc. /Architect was engaged to complete and provide an assessment of all school facilities in BCPS and to formulate a long-term capital plan.  GWWO was also asked to review the schools in the central and southwest areas of the county in order to provide data for consideration in the development of our proposed FY 15 CIP.

We had originally hoped to present the initial long-term capital plan information to the public and board of education this December.  However, BCPS and GWWO need to continue to work together to evaluate the rationale associated with each school project.  This will require an extension of the timeframe originally projected.
It is far more important that we take our time to provide the most comprehensive information.

When BCPS staff and GWWO Inc./Architect complete the review and verify all information on which a long-term capital plan can be factually supported, several public meetings will be scheduled to provide the entire long-term plan inspecting every school facility in BCPS to the community for feedback.

Finally, we are thankful for the community's support and commitment as we engaged in our overcrowding and relief strategies planning this fall, and we look forward to presenting the long-term capital Plan later in the next calendar year

Summary and Schedule
BCPS' COO, BCPS Facilities Staff and consultant GWWO Inc./Architects have been working closely together to create a framework and clear path for completion of the Long Range Capital Improvement Plan. The overall process is on schedule to complete a pencil copy of the proposed Capital Improvement Plan for initial review by early December, 2013, prior to the public comment period scheduled to begin January, 2014. The status of each framework component is described below.

500-seat Project(s) in the Central and Southwest Areas
BCPS has conducted two community meetings each in both the Central and Southwest Areas. The meetings provided information on properties identified by the communities to be potential future school properties; on enrollment projections; on the public process that BCPS will follow for any potential redistricting; on the funding sources for BCPS projects; and on the long range plan goals, process and schedule. BCPS explained that the public review process for the pencil copy of the long range plan will begin in January, 2014; however, these two areas will be hearing the recommendations for the 500-seat project(s) in their areas (whose planning has been funded by the fiscal authority) by late October-mid November 2013.

Database of Existing BCPS Properties
GWWO has generated a new, customized, comprehensive database in order to capture and organize a myriad of data that fully describes each existing school community, building, and site. Data provided by BCPS Facilities and Strategic Planning forms the foundation for the database. All of the data has been visually mapped to the geographic location of each school property on an overall County map. Combined with population and GIS data, this mapped database visually indicates the current status of school communities in every sense, and will serve as a valuable visual planning tool during the strategic planning phase of the Capital Improvement Plan development process.

On-Site Surveys by Consultant Teams
On-site survey teams of architects and engineers will begin visiting properties on June 17, 2013, to continue into early August, 2013. Teams will be collecting on-site observations regarding condition of the building and its systems; functional use data regarding each school's ability to support a 21-st century educational program; and photos of important features of the buildings. The teams will be entering data directly into the database described above in real time through mobile tablets in the field. This ensures that all data is secured instantly and is readily available to the entire team, immediately upon collection.

On-Site Staff Surveys
Principals and Building Operations Supervisors from each school property have received online surveys so that the Capital Improvement Plan team can gain from the experience and knowledge of those involved with the instructional process and building operation at each school. Survey results that have been received so far are already informing the on-site survey teams, giving them special targets to be aware of at each property.

Preparation for CIP Planning Process
The CIP planning team is preparing a comprehensive scoring system that will be derived from each school's data. The data from each school will be compared to, and scored against, a set standard, as defined by the Educational Specifications for prototype elementary, middle and high schools. When balanced with scores representing population need, equity throughout the County, building condition assessment, site availability, project timeline, and other factors, a comprehensive score will be assigned to each proposed project. This will enable the team to prioritize projects for each of the coming years over a long range Capital Improvement Plan.

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