Request For Academic Verifications Of Graduation

All responses to business or agency requests to verify high school graduation from Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) that are either faxed or mailed will be mailed back to the business or agency. The Office of Student Data does not fax back, issue verbal verifications, or complete outside forms. To help expedite the verification process, all graduation verification requests are to follow the guidelines below. Requests for GEDs should be directed to the Maryland GED State Board of Education at 410-767-0538.

  • All requests for verification of high school graduation must be submitted on official business or agency letterhead with a return mailing address and name of the person making the request. The request must contain the following information:
    • Complete and full legal name of student (no abbreviations). Circle the last complete and full legal name student while enrolled in BCPS.
    • Date of birth.
    • Name of BCPS high school from which student graduated.
    • Calendar year of graduation from BCPS (provide one year only, not multiple years).
    • Signed or electronic release of the former student.  If student is underage, the standard legal requirements apply.
  • Requests for graduation verification may be faxed to 410-238-1817 (faxed requests are processed faster than mailed requests), or may be mailed to:

Baltimore County Public Schools
Office of Student Data
Attention: Ms. Henderson
9611 Pulaski Park Drive, Suite 307
Baltimore, MD 21220

Once the request containing all the above information has been received, please allow a minimum of 10 school days for the request to be processed and returned via first class mail. With the exception of certain holidays, all schools and central offices are open 12 months of the year.

NOTE:   If the student who is being investigated did not graduate but was withdrawn from BCPS, a specific request for an official transcript must be made and paid for in advance as indicated in the link for "Request for Official Transcripts and/or Official Duplicate Diplomas."

Please also note that the Transcript Office is closed when schools are closed.


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