Area Education Advisory Councils of Baltimore County
Functions of the Advisory Council
  • We provide a forum for interested citizens and community groups to bring forward issues and concerns.
  • We hold annual pre-budget hearings to solicit comments from the public about budget priorities.
  • We function as a sounding board for proposed policy changes.
  • We advise the Board of Education about community opinions and reactions to issues and policy.
  • We bring together policymakers and experts to interpret and educate the community about new legislation, Board of Education policy, and new school initiatives.
  • We meet with elected officials to advocate on behalf of public education.
  • We provide information that is used in the development of the school system’s educational program.
  • We are available when community members have questions to direct them to the appropriate school officials.
  • We monitor and have input in areas such as student enrollment projections and facilities issues, including architectural planning and design.
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