2014 - 2015 School Year

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Revised: 09/10/13
Approved: 06/11/13
Friday 15 Administrative & Supervisory Personnel Meeting
Monday 18 Teachers on Duty
Tuesday 19 System-wide Professional Development Activities – Secondary Schools
Wednesday 20 System-wide Professional Development Activities – Elementary Schools
Monday 25 Opening Day for Students
  Pupil Days 5
  Teacher Days 10
Monday 1 Labor Day – Schools and Offices Closed
Thursday  25 Rosh Hashanah – Schools and Offices Closed
  Pupil Days 20
  Teacher Days 20

Monday              13 Columbus Day*
Friday                17 Professional Development Day/ MSEA Convention – Schools Closed for Students
Friday                31 First marking period ends – Schools Close 3 Hours Early for Elementary and Middle School Students – Grade Reporting and Data Analysis – Teachers on Duty**
  Pupil Days 22
  Teacher Days 23
Monday    3 System-wide Professional Development for All Schools – Schools Closed for All Students
Tuesday                4 Election Day – Schools and Offices Closed
Tuesday               11 Veterans Day*
Thursday            13 Distributions of Report Cards; Preschool-3 & Pre-K Conference Day, No Preschool-3 or Pre-K A.M. or P.M. Sessions – Teachers on Duty
Friday                14 Elementary Conference Day – Schools Closed for Elementary Students-
Monday-Friday      17-21 American Education Week
Thursday-Friday     27-28 Thanksgiving Holiday—Schools and Offices Closed
  Pupil Days 15-16 
  Teacher Days 17
Monday              15 Bill of Rights Day*
Tuesday            23 Christmas Holiday/Winter Break Begins at end of school day
  Pupil Days 17
  Teacher Days 17
Monday              5 Schools Reopen
Thursday             15  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday *     
Monday              19 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday Observed—Schools and Offices Closed
Friday                23 Second Marking Period Ends
Monday              26 System-wide School-Based Professional Development- (Full Day Teacher Preparation for Schools on Semester Schedules); Schools Closed for Students – Teachers Report
  Pupil Days 18
  Teacher Days 19
Thursday               5 Distribution of Report Cards
Thursday             12 Lincoln's Birthday*
Monday  16 Presidents' Day—Schools and Offices Closed
Sunday              22 Washington's Birthday*
  Pupil Days 19
  Teacher Days 19
Wednesday              25 Maryland Day*
  Pupil Days 22
  Teacher Days 22
Thursday              2 Third Marking Period Ends
Thursday             2 Spring Break/Easter Holiday Begins at end of school day      
Monday                         13 Schools Reopen
Thursday                       23 Distribution of Report Cards
  Pupil Days 16
  Teacher Days 16
Monday              11 Pre-K/Kindergarten Conference Day – No Preschool-3, Pre-K or Kindergarten Sessions
Friday                22 Last Day for Seniors
Monday              25 Memorial Day Observed – Schools and Offices Closed  
Tuesday-Saturday       26-30 Commencement Exercises
  Pupil Days 20
  Teacher Days 20
Monday-Thursday        1-4 Commencement Exercises
Friday                12 Assessment Day****: High Schools close 3 Hours Early; Teachers on Duty
Sunday              14 Flag Day*
Monday, Tuesday     15-16 Assessment Day****, Grade & Data Recording/Analysis**: All Schools Close 3 Hours Early, Teachers on Duty
Tuesday               16 Last Day of Classes for Students
  Pupil Days 12
  Teacher Days 12
Total Pupil Days: 187
Total Teacher Days: 195
Friday, Monday 26 or 29 Summer School Teachers on Duty (Teachers choose either day)
Friday                  3 Independence Day Holiday – Schools and Offices Closed
Monday                6 Summer School Begins
Friday               31 Summer School Ends

*Schools open with appropriate exercises OR appropriate exercises to be scheduled on the school day prior

** GRADE & DATA RECORDING, DATA ANALYSIS-- principals and teachers will have time for grade & data recording, data analysis/progress assessment

****ASSESSMENT DAY – High schools will have the opportunity to administer traditional final exams or to use alternative assessment procedures.

If schools are closed seven days due to emergency conditions, it may be necessary to alter the school calendar.  Additional days may be scheduled as required at the end of the school year.  Depending on the use of emergency full day closures, delayed openings or early dismissals, the calendar may be adjusted as needed to meet the minimum required days/hours. One-half days may be modified. Teacher duty days will not exceed 191. End-of-year adjustments to the school calendar will be announced as soon as feasible.

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