The Board's Organization
State law prescribes that county boards of education be organized in terms of certain minimum requirements. For example, all boards in the state are required to:

  • Hold an annual meeting for the election of officers
  • Reimburse board members for traveling expenses
  • Maintain written minutes of the proceedings of each meeting
  • Take "all final actions" at public meetings

The superintendent of the school system serves as the secretary-treasurer of the Board.

The Baltimore County Board is comprised of eleven adult members and one student member. The adult members are each appointed by the Governor of Maryland for five-year terms. The student member serves a one-year term. Four members are appointed to serve the county at large while seven members of the Board serve from councilmanic districts. Only residents of Baltimore County may be appointed to the Board. Terms of appointment expire on July 1 of the fifth year. No person who is subject to the authority of the Board may be appointed to the Board. Members are eligible for reappointment but may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Board members serve without salary.

Board of Education meetings are usually held twice a month with seven members constituting a quorum. These meetings are open to the public and are conducted in a school or in the Board Room at the Greenwood Campus. Additionally, closed sessions of the Board are held periodically as permitted by the Open Meetings Act. Business meetings are held to conduct the business of the Board of Education and to receive public comment. Work sessions are held to review and evaluate school programs or to develop and discuss Board policy. Citizens of the county are encouraged to attend all public meetings of the Board of Education and to observe the deliberation of its members. Any citizen who wishes to address the Board at one of its business meetings must complete the requisite sign-in form prior to the opening of each meeting, and provide the agenda item or educational topic he/she wishes to discuss.

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