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School Boundaries

Enter your address or part of your address below, then press return or click 'Search'. Only the street name is required, but you can enter more details for a more accurate match. Example data is provided by default, if you are unsure what to enter. If you are looking for the boundaries for a specific school, see the school's profile.

Baltimore County Public Schools does not track Baltimore City addresses! If you live within the city limits of Baltimore, please contact Baltimore City Public Schools.

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The information in this application is only a guide to Baltimore County Public School assignments. The information provided is unofficial. BCPS has made substantial efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information. However, school service areas and facility information are subject to change. School assignments may be unreliable for residents in new subdivisions or residents near a school service boundary or the Baltimore County boundary line. By using this application, the user understands the statements above and is taking full liability for any use of the data it supplies. For verification of any school assignment, please call the Boundary Information Line at (443) 809-4215. Proof of residency in Baltimore County is of course required, per Board of Education policy.

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