The Maryland Accountability Program
Accountability Presentation
Overview of Maryland's New Accountability Program (MP4)
Maryland's Accountability Program
Maryland requires that each public school define and meet annual measurable objectives, also known as AMOs or targets. To establish AMOs, schools assess student acheivement with the goal of understanding where students meet, fail to meet, or exceed Maryland standards, including Maryland Common Core State Standards. After reviewing assessment results, schools develop plans called "School Progress Plans" to address (or target) any areas where accelerated progress is needed while continuing the progress in areas that are already meeting or exceeding the standards. This presentation developed by BCPS's Department of Research, Accountability, Assessment and Data Warehouse, the office responsible for overseeing the assessment data and reporting for BCPS, provides an excellent overview of the Accountability Program and how it is used by our schools to foster continued progress throughout the school year. You may also visit Maryland's Accountability Program web site for more information.
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