Elementary and Secondary Focus Teams

Elementary and Secondary Focus Teams are part of the Office of Personnel and are responsible for recruiting and hiring both administrative and classified positions. These positions consist of administrative, supervisory, technical, as well as physical facilities, transportation, food service, office professional, and paraeducator personnel.  
Additionally, the group:

  • Maintains all personnel-related activities for both administrative and classified positions.
  • Assists classified staff to achieve and maintain appropriate certifications and licenses.
  • Plans and implements transfer and job fairs.
  • Designs and implements the new employees’ orientation and benefits meeting.
  • Collaborates with the Office of Professional Development for training and support on current issues for support services employees.
  • Develops the recruiting schedule.
  • Provides professional growth advisors and liaisons to the Maryland State Department of Education.

The Elementary and Secondary Focus Teams’ website provides you with:

  • Customer service and contact information
  • Staffing Calendar
  • Classified recruitment fairs, recruiting schedules  and open houses
  • Job opportunities
  • Links to other departments

Cynthia D. Hamlet
Lead Personnel Officer – Elementary Focus Team

Herman James
Lead Personnel Officer – Secondary Focus Team

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