Department of Human Resources

Department of Human ResourcesMission
The Department of HR supports the mission and the vision of Baltimore County Public Schools, by providing efficient, effective and ethical services that contribute to the success of students and to past, present and future employees of the Baltimore County Public Schools.

The vision of the Department of Human Resources is to provide a quality customer service experience, respond to the changing needs of the school system and collaborate with all departments to create a high performing and diverse workforce.

Additionally, the Department of Human Resources:

  • Develops and implements a plan for teacher recruitment initiatives
  • Continues a systematic process for the selection of “highly qualified” teachers
  • Hires teachers, support services personnel, and administrative positions
  • Identifies and recruits for administrative positions both internally and externally
  • Provides new hire and benefits orientation to new employees
  • Ensures that all teachers and paraeducators meet the certification requirements, as defined by No Child Left Behind and the Bridge to Excellence in Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Partners with the Office of Professional Development in designing and implementing a professional development model for new and existing teachers
  • Optimizes the use of all technology resources to attract and retain highly qualified teachers and paraeducators
  • Disseminates and communicates appropriate educational background and certification information to principals
  • Provides Equal Employment Opportunity services to employees related to discrimination complaints and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations
  • Responds to employees and retirees regarding inquiries and benefit enrollment information.
  • Provides and maintains competitive salaries
  • Analyzes data for tracking purposes, for assignment of staff to schools, and for the appointment of administrators to schools
  • Works together with school administrators to prepare information for the proper allocation of staffing
  • Provides professional development to managers, supervisors, and administrators to increase their knowledge and familiarity with the negotiated agreements and appraisal process

The Department of Human Resources’ website provides you with: 

  • Customer service and contact information
  • News about job fairs and recruitment events
  • Information about medical, dental, and related benefits
  • Teacher recruitment information
  • Certification information, including forms and applications for programs
  • Employment opportunities
  • Salary scales
  • Master Agreements for all recognized employee groups
  • Personnel programs for temporary and substitute employment
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Fingerprinting information for new applicants
  • Staffing calendar
Dr. Lisa Grillo
Chief Human Resources Officer
Krystal Brown
Executive Administrative Assistant
Dr. Alpheus Arrington
Director, Office of Personnel
Dr. Frances Allen
Manager, Personnel Services
Mr. George Duque
Manager, Staff Relations

6901 Charles Street
Towson, MD 21204

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