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Welcome to the Office of Career and Technology Education (CTE). Our mission is to provide expertise, service, and support to schools in the delivery of programs that prepare globally competitive students for careers and life-long learning.

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CTE High School Planning Matrix

Message From The Chief Academic Officer, Verletta White
Welcome to the third quarter and the second half of the 2015-2016 school year. As teachers continue planning for the third quarter of instruction, I wanted to take this moment to remind teachers of the digital resources available on BCPS One to support your short, mid, and long-term planning.  By accessing these resources and integrating them into your lesson tiles, students will have a broader array of opportunities to build foundational learning skills and expand on previously learned content.  << click here for more >>


Maryland High School Career and Technology Education Programs of Study
Career Technology Education (CTE) provides high school and community college students an opportunity to pursue a sequential technical and academic program of study leading to advancement in a career field. High school CTE programs of study give students the opportunity to transition smoothly into further education or postsecondary education and to earn college credit and/or industry credentials in a career field of interest.

To find out more about CTE see: Programs of Study (MSDE)

Career and Technology Education (CTE) Programs of Study and Electives

Maryland Career Clusters
Career Clusters have been embraced nationally at both secondary and postsecondary levels. Maryland is a recognized leader in successfully adapting the national framework to the state’s economy and school reform. Local school systems and schools are using the Career Cluster system to organize teaching and learning to meet the specific needs and resources of their community. Career Clusters also help enhance economic development. As such, Career Clusters are groupings of interrelated occupations that represent the full range of career opportunities. By connecting schools and businesses, they help ensure that Maryland has a high-quality workforce that attracts and retains businesses to the state. Career Clusters

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Programs and Services

  • Career and technology education completer programs in business education, family studies, school to career transition and technical programs.
    • A MSDE approved sequence of high school courses in an identified career field, with a minimum of four credits that prepares students for entry level positions upon graduation from high school. Each sequence meets the graduation requirement for the Career and Technology Education Completer Program.
  • Basic technology education courses
    • High school courses approved by BCPS that meet the eight MSDE learner outcomes and satisfy the one credit of technology education needed for graduation.
  • Advanced technology education course/sequence
    • High school courses approved by BCPS that meet the MSDE learner outcomes. A sequence of two advanced technology education courses meets the graduation requirement for the Advanced Technology Education Completer Program.
  • Technology education programs/courses in middle and high schools
    • Students learn the knowledge and skills for managing technology in an experiential setting using the problem solving approach.
  • Family and consumer sciences programs/courses in middle and high schools
    • Students are prepared for the work of the family and for making decisions about the daily challenges of living in a technological society.
  • Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs in eleven high schools
    • Will instill in you/your child/your student, a value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. It does not seek any particular commitment to the military. The JROTC Program strengthens character, teaches discipline, promotes an understanding of the requirements for national security, encourages self-discipline and develops respect for authority.

Articulation Agreement
The Articulation Agreement has been developed for students in Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) who plan to continue their education at The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). The Agreement describes articulated programs that build on BCPS’ approved learning experience with the goal of eliminating duplication of instruction. High school students who achieve at appropriate levels in the high school programs listed in the Articulation Agreement may request credit for documented achievement when they enroll in CCBC. For more information:

Articulation Agreement
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BCPS CTE:  Education for a Lifetime

Douglas Handy
Career & Technology Education Coordinator

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